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This set of Hubs relates to "The Homeplace Saga" series of family saga, historical fiction stories.  This Family Saga, covers over 150 years in a particular valley in the Southern Missouri Ozarks from initial settlement in 1833 to the present day. We invite you to join us in reading, and perhaps participating in, creating and growing the stories that have been started by our author and founder, William Leverne Smith. We have a 'home' blog, a developmentat wiki, and (currently) five books (print and Kindle) as well as one ebook with two more in production. See my writings as DrBill-WmL-Smith and DrBillSmithWriter, here at HubPages, for other stories in this Saga. The home blog is at: http://thehomeplaceseries.blogspot.com/ - you are welcome and encouraged to stop by. ;-)


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